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Hamra Alam Featured on BLOW

Posted date:  April 6, 2011
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WHO: Hamra Alam

WHERE: Stand Palace Hotel

FRONT ROW: Susie Eldred from yours truly. and Mon Polkadot Cheri, Rachel Charlton from Take-out In Couture

WHAT: This Manchester-based Muslim designer toyed with conventional notions of Islamic fashion presenting her collection ‘Unveil’. Floor-length, high-necked jackets with contrast patterned pockets, slit up to the belly button and worn over jeans seemed coy enough at first, but eventually the collection became more and more sheer. Although all long-sleeved and floor-length, jackets were worn open over sheer black chiffon and covered in sequins. At one point a model came out wearing a bodice and jeans which revealed her belly button. Translucent white animal prints and lace were the fabrics of choice, while hoods and sleeves, elongated and pointed in a medieval-style, provided interest.

HIGHLIGHT: The closing look: ‘lady in red’. A pale, blonde girl cloaked in a sweeping floor-length scarlet dress, jacket and head scarf, complete with glossy red lips. Certainly a provocative statement if ever there was one.

QUOTES: Nicole from the OnTrendUK blog conceded ‘it was quite risqué actually’.

Words: Katie Rose

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Hamra Alam Featured on Pop Fashion

Posted date:  April 6, 2011
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Hamra Alam on Style Icon

Posted date:  March 27, 2011
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Hamra, a London-based designer, showcased her sensual collection at Fashion Mavericks at the Strand Hotel on Monday 21st February, 2011. I was not only drawn to the long, multi-coloured embellished kaftans in the designer’s collection but the name of her brand which she named after herself. The designer revealed that the meaning of Hamra is “red” perhaps symbolising the designer’s passion for her collection which I could sense as Hamra spoke about her delicate kaftans each carefully made from georgette chiffon and salona; a mixture of viscose and cotton. As most of Hamra’s clients live in Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai they have a strong appetite for light, cool peices to cope with the hot climate. Hamra’s collection does, indeed, cater for this demand.

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Hamra Alam on Retox Magazine

Posted date:  March 19, 2011
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Fashion designer Hamra Alam returned to the UK to debut her latest collection ‘The Unveil’ at Fashion Mavericks during London Fashion Week this weekend. Since setting up base in Dubai in 2007, the British born designer’s signature fusion of Eastern traditions with Western influences has brought great success. She now intends to expand her label within the UK starting with her AW11 collection and according to Hamra, this is only a small taste of what’s to come!

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Hamra Alam on OnTrendUK

Posted date:  March 12, 2011
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The final designer, Hamra Alam, challenged perceptions of Middle Eastern dress with her mix of sheilas and abyas – truly beautiful and inspiring. We saw cascading floor length tunics, with drawstring waistlines and maxi pockets, sheer sequinned evening wear and zebra print multicolour kaftans. Hamra’s scarlet abyas broke the rules of tradition without compromising the female form, but maximising elegance and luxury.

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If you are Buyers, Press and keen Fashionista’s then dont miss the Hamra alam fashion show at the Mavericks fashion Show at 372 Strand Palace Hotel, London WE2R OJJ, stone away from Somerset House, home of the British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week.
Show time 4.30pm Sunday 20th February, Exhibition 21st February 10am onwards
Want your say; then drop me your comments…..

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Radisson Blu
8th March 2011
7pm till late

Watch this space for more information just ask…..Next Event 8th April same place.

Gulf Images

Posted date:  February 2, 2011
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As a wardrobe stylist it is very important to understand the cast and the producer requirements.

Wardrobe styling has been both fun and exhausting, and i loved every moment in compiling collections for clients for the GCC countries.

All wardrobe styling has been compiled by me and the Abayas and sheila’s are my own creations, that have been a favourite for the commercial world, both in Tv commercials and magazine shoots.