Posted date:  February 22, 2015
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BUDDING fashion designers and young students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents next week at a major exhibition.

Bloggers, stylists, photographers and industry professionals are expected to attend the Fashion and Beauty Fair on January 28 to check out the latest collections from designers hailing from Saudi Arabia, India and Bahrain.

The event, at Diplomat Radisson Blu, Hotel Residence and Spa, is being organised by Lights Camera Fashion (LCF), which will also celebrate its third anniversary during the expo.

It will also feature live hair and make-up demonstrations, along with fashion design workshops and talks by key figures in the fashion and textile industries.

The brains behind LCF is chief executive Hamra Alam, who studied in the UK and lived in Dubai for five years designing for royalty and special events.

She returned to Bahrain following the tragic death of her autistic cousin, and worked as a consultant and cultural adviser to a German company, which is when LCF was born, thus keeping the memory of her cousin alive through the many charities she supports.

“LCF began with events where both able and disabled bodies could come together to showcase that we could all do really well together,” Ms Alam told the GDN.

The designer gives people from all walks of life the opportunity to pursue their goals in the fashion industry.

“I have come across many people with disabilities who are so talented,” said the mother-of-one.

Nine months ago, Ms Alam began courses certified by the UK for young designers who wish to improve their skills and knowledge, and on completion they receive a Certificate of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.

“I wanted to pass on the talent and rich knowledge I have of the fashion industry to girls in Bahrain, as they didn’t seem to have a direction or someone to help them reach their dreams,” she explained.

Day passes for the exhibition cost BD15 and include show seats, and for those with a valid student ID tickets cost BD9.

Doors will be open from 10am to 10pm.

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The Fashion and Beauty Fair

Posted date:  January 26, 2015
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Inside Bahrain – The Fashion and Beauty Fair

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Gulf Daily News

Al Bilad Newspaper

Akhbar Alkhaleej

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Fashionista’s be ready for breathtaking dresses fit for parties…best dressed male and female wins prizes and dresses from the designer… Hamra Alam.

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DESIGNER and wardrobe stylist Hamra Alam believes that the abaya is more than just a black cloak … it is an expression of a woman’s culture and inner beauty.

The abaya is known for being a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress worn over other clothes by many women across the Islamic world.

Spotting a niche in that market, Alam is one of a growing number of modern designers transforming the more conservative abayas and caftans into contemporary attire with touches of shimmery beads and patterns for the everyday woman.

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Alam exhibited at the L’hotel for 30 days where she displayed gorgeous abays and kaftans and long flowey chiffon dresses and designer hand made eid cards by

The response was magnificent and gained a lot of new clients and contacts. Alam will continue business relations with L’hotel in the very ner future. So watch this space keen readers…

FashionBride Interview with Hamra Alam

Posted date:  October 19, 2011
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Since the 1001 nights every girl dreams that one day she’ll meet the perfect man or at least a genie that makes it all worthwhile. But while waiting for the genie, we might as well have an inside opinion on what we should wear (in order to impress the genie or the Arabian Prince.

Because I care about you so much I thought I’d find out every detail from one of the best Middle Eastern designers of the moment, Hamra Alan. Not sure if my genie did the trick, but Hamra was kind enough to answer patiently to all my questions.

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The aim of the fashion week in Dubai is to shed light on new talented and creative designers, especially the ones who present bold and unprecedented ideas. Besides, it is a chance for new gifted designers to be sponsored by big companies.

Among the companies that seek to sponsor talented designers is George V and Ockenfels.

The company is dedicated primarily to the food and beverage hospitality industry. George V, in essence, acquires suitable high profile and well respected concepts, sources appropriate venues, and executes any given operation completely. The aim of the company is not only to become a company that associates itself with international market leaders, but also an innovative concept designers, developers and operators. Out of such notion and attitude, George V decided to sponsor a new creative fashion designer and support her to enter the UAE versatile market.

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Posted date:  October 12, 2011
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Creative mothers, stylish make up artists are utilizing their time in the comfort of their homes, with taking care of the little ones and at the same time making the time for their passion, and talents.
Thumbs up to cool mums.

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